I Commit To Your Commitment

Lesson on how to be a Dragon

Anne-Chloé Destremau
4 min readFeb 26, 2020

On the fifth day of a temporary magic school, it became obvious that the soil in the magicians and sourceresses had been prepared enough for their Dragons to sprout and flame-up the world with a certain kind of poetry. I was one of the Dragon Speakers. Here what I as my Dragon said:

I take a stand for each and every one of you, my colleague-trainers, my friends in arms, my villagers. I take a bigger stand for you than you are taking for yourself. I commit to you that you will become what you want to become. I commit that I will give you every distinction you don’t yet have, every tool you forgot to use, every evolutionary process you lack, every exercise or kick-in-the-butt you need to get there. Even if you hate me for it. Even if that path takes you away from me. You have your path, it is unique, it is different from mine. That is not important. I don’t need to understand your path. It is not required that your path fits into my understanding or worldview for me to commit to it. I take that stand to commit to your commitment that the Dragon in you come out and roars!

I take the stand for you to become a Trainer. I take the stand to train you to take stands for your participants and your people that are bigger than the stand they can take for themselves. I take a stand to train you how to make Archetypal offers like this one. I take a stand that as a Trainer you use the group intelligence and the Transformational Keys that your peers have for you to open doors of possibility and clarity that you never before suspected even existed. I take a stand that your hunger for Transformational Keys grows as you see your life evolve along the path due to using those Keys.

I take the stand that the people on the Trainer Path stop paying taxes for financing war, the military, the pharmaceutical corporations, the crushing education system, the holidays of psychopathic governmental personas. I stand by the side of colleagues and friends who commit to give bigger voices and more interesting choices to women and men.

I take a stand for you to create your own village. Because you cannot truly live by staying alone… we are not meant to try to live alone.

I take a stand that every Trainer on the Trainer Path carries a passport from your own village, your own nanonation, showing your First, Middle and Last Name, plus the name of your Gremlin, and the name of your Archetypal Lineage as well as the category to which your Archetypal Lineage has most resonance. In this passport will be the list of the Core Initiations that you have been through. This passport will carry the photo or drawing of your Archetypal Lineage talisman, of your Gremlin and of your Possibility Stone. Your passport will indicate which nanonations you are part of and the context of these nanonations. Each passport will be unique in its presentation and design. Each passport will show the flag and other symbols particular to these nanonations.

I also take the stand to sew for myself and by myself, in the next four months, a full set of clothing traditional to my nanonation: underwear, top, and bottom which I will wear at the next Gathering of Trainers. I don’t even know if I can sew a full outfit for myself, but this makes me a slave of big corporations selling clothes for cheap made by women and children in Asia and Africa. I take a stand that I am independent from corporations for my basic and not-so basic needs. I take a stand that I am a source of my own resources in the world. That includes sourcing friends who have resources that I don’t have.

I take the stand that I am the threadholder for the different villages from which the people of the Trainer Path come. I am a thread that weaves them together. Other people are bringing me the threads that I will weave together.
And most importantly, I take a stand for these stands that I have taken.

There you have it. I commit to your commitment. I commit to your Dragon. And I don’t commit to your bullshit.

If you want to learn how to train your Dragon, and to find out what you are committed to, you have my number.




Anne-Chloé Destremau

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