Global Archan Gameworld Builder School — Article #1: The Terrifying Distinction: ‘Gameworld’

Anne-Chloé Destremau
6 min readJul 17, 2023


Is it true that you live in a culture where it is virtually impossible, or at least very unlikely, that your inspired vision will change the lives of dozens, hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people?

Isn’t it strange?

How do you think the Internet was first built? How do you think Google began? How do you think Harry Potter came to life? How do you think countries started? How do you think governments, banks, post offices, schools, shoe shops… came into existence?

Each of these ‘dreams-come-true’ is a gameworld.

Isn’t it mystifying that you do not consider how these gameworlds originated but instead try to figure out how you can adapt yourself and your own dreams to fit inside of them?

Isn’t it suspicious that you do not wonder why you do not think about gameworlds?

You have been hypnotized into believing that ‘Businesses’, ’Societies’, ‘Religions’, ‘Taxes’, and ‘Systems’ are an inherently solid reality. You were blinded to the fact that each and every one of these gameworlds was started by one man. (Yes, most Modern Culture gameworlds have been started by men, not by women.)

Every gameworld is an insubstantial fiction, fabricated out of nothing, and held together by mere agreement to not pop the fantasy bubble.

Discovering the malleability of what you long assumed was immutable can be terrifying, yet it can also be profoundly relieving.

The dismay comes from seeing that you may have sacrificed most of your time, your love, your attention, and your efforts to further fortify somebody else’s dream. The most chilling aspect could be that the ‘dreams’ you serve may have doubtful value, at best, and could be ecocidal at worst. (‘Ecocide’ means to kill an entire ecosystem, a procedure which is ultimately suicidal.)

How can an intelligent, probably college-educated, surely big-hearted and passionate person such as you, be fooled into dedicating your creation force towards supporting values that go against every fiber of your Being?

One obvious answer is that you have been trained to have a weak mind, and a weaker Will.

The weakness of your mind comes from not being educated to think.

On the contrary, your mind has been trained to ‘snap’ into believing in any story declared by ‘authority’ as true. The ‘true story’ is fortified by the hidden story that if you do not accept the party line and ‘fit in’, you will not be ‘accepted’. Then you will be kicked out of society and die cold, hungry, and painfully alone under a bridge.

It is a powerful enough story that uninitiated people over eighteen years old fall for it. For a three-year-old being sent to daycare or being handed a smartphone, the command to ‘fit in or die’ is so abusive that the mind sacrifices its own developing inner structure of thought to locate and bond with the ‘true story’ so it can survive.

If your Will has not been completely corrupted by five years old, they send you to school. Modern school takes away your imagination, your sense of natural sleep and natural play. School cuts you off from what you want — moment-to-moment, your true mission, your dreams, your connection with Gaia, and to your inner resources. You are left half-dead, a Zombie who cannot decide for yourself, looking for the approval of any certified authority figure. You are left to find bits of fake ecstasy in either intellectual righteousness or beating yourself up for not being good enough.

The distinction: ‘Gameworld’ is therefore terrifying because it suggests that you have been lied to and abused all your life. Worse, the distinction reveals that these lies came from the people you were assured you should trust, maybe even the people who were supposed to protect you and love you.

The stories that you have been fed since childhood, and in which you are probably still ‘snapped’ today, are those which benefit someone else’s dreams and never your own.

  • Are you snapped into the story of ‘the importance of the economy’?
  • Are you snapped into the story that ‘you must pay taxes for the benefit of your country’?
  • Are you snapped into the story that ‘you need money to live’?
  • Are you snapped into the story that ‘somebody needs to tell you what to do for you to know what to do’?
  • Are you snapped into the story that ‘jobs and money come from somebody else’?
  • Are you snapped into the story of ‘owning a business’?
  • Are you snapped into the story that ‘you need a pension for when you are old’?

If you pay attention to who your hard work benefits, the answer rings loud and clear: the psychopaths who fought their way to the top of hierarchies and are heading corporations. (As a side note, I include governments, NGOs, and the United Nations in the term ‘corporations’.) If you have any doubt about this, please read the Psychopath website.

When I came to the realization that my life had been built on lies to further ecocidal agendas, I cried and sobbed and screamed and vomited for days. This was during my second Expand The Box Training.

After a day of grieving and raging at the profundity of this betrayal, the next level of terror approached. The realization that now, right now, having left my parents’ home, no longer being in an environment where I am obliged to submit myself to abuse so as to survive, I am radically responsible for each thought I think, each word I utter, each action I take.

Immediately, my Gremlin starts running around like a madman looking for a way out: “Nooooo! Do you see this? I am still a victim!” The door slams in his … my … face. You are radically responsible. It is impossible for you to be a victim. You arranged it. You promoted it. It is so obvious! (I can almost hear the Universe laughing at my attempt to escape It).

My Gremlin turns around, like a thief caught red handed, looking right, looking left, running towards the next exit door. Slam! The door shuts in his face. Slam! Slam! Slam! There is no way out. I am imprisoned in a Box that is shrinking down, smaller and smaller with each door that slams in my face. I will not be able to breathe soon. I am about to die.

When, all of a sudden, as my Box is about to suffocate me, it evaporates into thin air. Immediately my bodies start to swell. It is as if my Being is matching the size of the Universe. I cannot stop it. Each time I breathe, it expands. An immense cry of relief comes out of my mouth. I am on my knees as it comes to me: “I am radically responsible. I cannot blame anybody. Thank God! Thank God childhood is over!”

The whole experience takes place in less than a minute. I sob for much longer.

This is the power of the distinction ‘Gameworld’.

Integrating the distinction: ‘Gameworld’ into your thoughtware gives you (almost on a silver platter) the unlimited power to create and re-create the world that you live in.

The price you pay is the ultimate threat to your survival: you can no longer be a victim of any authority figure. On the other hand, the relief is tremendous. You can no longer be a victim of any authority figure.

This is where, at the Global Archan Gameworld Builder Training School, we start to play.



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