A Roadmap From Patriarchy to Archiarchy

Or how to practically (and financially) make the shift.

“Don’t go there” by Martina Riccarda Niklis from oswords

Divest From Modern Culture: Lower Your Overhead Costs.

Money buys your way out of connection. If you can pay for a hotel, you do not need to negotiate sleeping in someone’s spare bedroom. If you can pay by credit card at the automatic register in the supermarket, you do not need to make contact with the cashier or even worse, the farmer at the farmer’s market. If you can pay for your next training or car or house, you do need a Team to converge resources and figure out what would be their best uses. It turns out that the biggest obstacles in divesting from modern culture are emotional fears of connection and a lack of skills for negotiating intimacy, both of which you have been trying to bribe your way through by spending large amounts of money.

  • If you use Google Maps (like I do because I am usually in a new place where I do not know my whereabouts), make sure to download the offline maps before you move out of WiFi connection.
  • Some apps might ask you for a phone number to register, such as PayPal or Amazon. You can call them up and tell them that you do not have a working phone number. They will set up a 2-step verification for you with an Authenticator.
  • Before abandoning your phone number, make sure that you have installed Telegram/WhatsApp or any other apps that would require to be connected with a phone number in the first place on your desktop. My Telegram account is connected to a prepaid Indonesian number I got for one month 4 years ago. It still works perfectly!
  • In case of an emergency, almost everyone around you has a working phone. Tell them that your phone is off, and ask if you can use their phone to make an emergency call.
  • If for one reason or another, you ‘need’ a phone number, buy a prepaid card.
  • Share one motorized vehicle among your community. Learn to negotiate intimacy and come up with crazy nonlinear collaborative possibilities so everyone gets what (and where!) they want. Discover the richness that accompanies collective mobility.
  • Propose to build wooden hitchhiking benches in your village placed at the exits. The people in the Village know that anyone who sits on these benches is asking for a ride. Involve the teenagers in building the wooden benches so they can start their Technopenuriaphobia healing.
  • Forbid cars to drive through your center of town. Organize a parking lot at the edge of your town and turn the main road into a pedestrian orchard / permaculture garden / kids playground (but NOT a dog toilet!). Center your town on people instead of cars. Replace profit with community life.
  • For long rides between cities, use BlaBlaCar, a carpooling gameworld. Carry postcards around with links to your website. People who use BlaBlaCar are already on their way to the edge of modern culture. Keep opening evolutionary step doorways for anyone who comes into the car. Be careful to not put the driver in a liquid state! They might not be able to drive if you do so!
  • Travel by camel or donkey or skateboard or windsurfing!

Moving Into Archiarchy: From Being A Consumer To Being A Creator.

Escaping Patriarchy is like walking on a bridge covered in fog. You cannot see any further than your feet and your next step. The fog is generated by your own memetic survival construct, protecting you from seeing what is possible. The longer you live on the bridge and the further you walk down the bridge, the lighter the fog becomes. Adulthood initiations make your survival strategies optional so that you move closer and closer with reality where you have power. Power to create.

Your Circle.

In the original fogginess of the bridge to Archiarchy, your first enemy is your unconscious fear. Your greatest fear might be to successfully complete your Quest of peeling modern culture off of your back like a butterfly would peel off her chrysalis. You might be terrified that without the ongoing familiar pressure and the voices you might explode from the inside, as if you had been sent into outer space without a suit. Your biggest fear might be to successfully take your authority back, remove your energetic blocks and unleash yourself as a free and natural adult. If you escape from the 8 Prisons, where will you go then? What will you complain about when there is no one left to blame? How will you justify playing small, being invisible and pretending to be powerless? Who are you if not a lost quivering puddle of emotional anxiety?

The Edge: Your Ally In Creation.

As you keep walking on the bridge, the fog may seem to dissipate a little. You might discover — with horror! — that some sections of the bridge that you did not originally see are actually not even built! You think: “What the heck have people been doing for all these years? I thought they were building the bridge that I could walk on!” If one of your go-to survival reactions is ‘feeling’ betrayed and going for revenge, you might even blame other Possibilitators for their lack of results.



Gameworld builder, bridgebuilder to next culture, possibility manager while navigating joyfully five body intimacy journeys!

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Anne-Chloé Destremau

Gameworld builder, bridgebuilder to next culture, possibility manager while navigating joyfully five body intimacy journeys!